August 28, 2009

tense up.

3 assignments, 2 presentations, 3 freaking tests.
all are due in one fucking week.
im so-ooooooooo gonna die.

August 17, 2009

one year of relationship//

hello worldwide ;)
as if worwide is reading this thing. oh i know put, u'll read mine sooner or later.
harhar :DDD

btw, its august once again and ramadhan is already around the corner. its been a very very busy month. and anorther busy months to come. with the asgmnt, test and presentations. what more could it be? its been a challenge for me. and i hope i can get through this.and of course with the help of my frens. *angels*

yes can get through it, like my precious relationship with bb :)
finally it has been a year that we are together. since our first meet in may '08 , the friendship move on stronger till the day he asked me to be his girl. it was a very tough decesion to made in regards of my previous life, but sweet enough, he managed to wait :) ohh i love you sayang.
from that day, i know who can lead me to happiness in regards of my love life and future. i just know he's the one :)

baby, happy one year aniversarry.
no matter what happen, i will always be your lil star
and will always love you still. i promise.

*hugs and kisses*

August 3, 2009

no word can describe this;

jelousy is ALL OVER me.

searching the lights beneath the sorrow.

ookaayy. where should i start.

apperantly, i should be reading and learning in my company law class now. somehow, our mdm halyani did not turn up for 3 times in a row from last week's classes. so now, here i am stuck in itd, sigh-ing and thinking for the sake of my future, my feelings and my emotions (that is the purpose of blogging rite? showing emotions?) well, there are basically 3 issues arises :

1. whether i should move on strong or else following the sadness down beneath my heart.

2. whether i should go to land law tutorial at 2pm instead of tomorrow. and;

3. whether i should go to the library in a bit of time instead of sitting here burning up my eyes.

these thing is making me sick. anddd weak . i have no mood in doing anything starting at 8 am in the morning, and i felt totally fuck-tap. pernah tak tibe2 rase macam nak nangis and needed someone you loves to be around all the time? yes, that kind of feelings. and it is so tiring. i tried so hard to pull through it. somehow i still feel the same.

ppl gves advices, keep chering me up. thank you.
but i rather kept it down. till the time passes by.
i rather walk alone. in silent.
and i think i have made up my mind.

firstly, i think i shoud move on and be strong sbb sooner or later it will come to me and happens to do it. i'll try. my very best and if there is ppl who will stuck up their nose to me high i will definitely give my high fist back to them. i promise. ( with my strenght of coz)

secondly, i should be going to the tutorial today because if i finish it today, i will not be bother for tommorow's class anymore.

lastly, i rather stuck here. no mood to walk to the library.

danggg. im off. wanting to searh for the pure ligths**