June 18, 2009

this friday night.

ok. today supposed buat banner. yes wawasan club nye banner.
wayang pacak.
its on 15hb july. tp kena siakan cpt before taaruf week.penat sgt tak larat. tp nk jugak jadi comittee nye pasal so cam kena la tunjuk muka.

the first few hours were fine, nice and okay.
i had my benjo kat aminah cafe with izat n put. then i started with cutting the alphabets,move on to trace it kat kain. n finally colour it. done. im almost done.

its 10.20pm . and ding dong** . i felt unsafe.
feelings kan. no one knows when it will come and go.
bak kate put, because i was restless. emmm maybee.
tpi im not sure myself...(sebenarnya sure kot hahah :D)

btw, to shorten up things, i made up the conclusion. the core of the topic it self and the ding dongs plus the unsafe feelings. yes, we do have pros and contras in life and we sholud, i repeat SHOULD be tolerable.or else, things will get worst. trust me :)

p/s : to whom it may concern, ur the most amazing creature ever live in this world. and i respect u for what u've done.

thank you <3

June 16, 2009

Newly born//

hye ppl :)
as this is the newest highly brand new post. i should say this is a show off.

oke who cares the shit out of it kan? so i ges its time to move on.
till then .